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Posts published in “Indiana’s Bicentennial”

David Hoover’s Surveying Tools


David Hoover is credited with choosing the location of a new Quaker settlement that would one day become the city of Richmond.  He was a surveyor by trade, and when…

Treaty Line Oak


The Treaty of Greenville in 1795 established a line across northern Ohio then from Fort Recovery southwest to the mouth of the Kentucky River.  Surveyors at the time marked the…

Salisbury Log Courthouse


The log cabin that is currently situated behind the Mansion House in Centerville started in the town of Salisbury well more than 200 years ago. Wayne County’s first seat of…

Log Cabin School House


The oldest existing school in Wayne County can be seen today on the grounds of the Wayne County Historical Museum on North A Street, but it’s been situated in a…

Elkhorn Cemetery


Elkhorn Creek flows into the east fork of the Whitewater River about seven miles southwest of Richmond, a location within a few miles of Wayne County’s first settlement which was…

Travel and Transportation in Early Wayne County


Part One – Traveling the National Road The origins of the National Road (also known then as the Cumberland Road) go back well before the birth of our nation. Other roads…

Frontier Women in 1816 Indiana


Part IV – Clothing the Family Among the many responsibilities an Indiana pioneer woman had, one of the most continuous, next to feeding her growing family, was keeping them clothed. Clothing…