Category: Business

Richmond Baking Company

The Richmond Baking Company was established in 1902 by William H. Quigg. It soon occupied the former Hoerner Baker building on South 5th Street. William’s two sons, Eugene and Robert, were also involved in the business. In 1917 the company purchased the land of the former Gaar, Scott & Co., intending to build a new

Starr Piano Company

The Starr Piano Company began as the Trayser Piano Co. in 1872. One if its founders was James Starr. In 1878, the company was reorganized as the Chase Piano Company, and Benjamin Starr joined his brother James in the business. In 1884 they bought 23 acres in the Whitewater Valley gorge and constructed a six-story

Wayne Works

Beginning as the Wayne Agricultural Works in Dublin, Indiana in 1837, and incorporated in 1868, Wayne Works moved to Richmond in 1876. By the 1890s in addition to making farm implements, it was making carriages and horse-drawn “kid-hacks,” or early school buses. From 1906-1916 Wayne Works manufactured the “Richmond” automobile, but in 1914 it built