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Posts published in “Biography”

Singin’ Sam the Barbasol Man


Singin’ Sam was the stage name of Harry Frankel, who lived in Richmond for much of his life.  Beginning his career as a minstrel performer and vaudevillian, he was a…

Wilma Wallace, Army Nurse Corps, World War I


Wilma Mae Wallace (1889-1972) was an early graduate of Reid Hospital’s Nurses’ Training School.  At that point it was a three-year course, and she and four others graduated in June 1914. …

Major Raymond P. Salzarulo


This week marks the anniversary of the Battle of Midway, which was the turning point of World War II in the Pacific theater.  One of Richmond’s earliest casualties in the…

John Finley (1797-1866)


Born in Rockbridge County, Virginia on January 11, 1797, he came to Indiana in 1821 and served in various public offices for the rest of his life, beginning in 1822…

Allen Jay (1831-1910)


Growing up in Clark County, Ohio, Allen was brought up in an orthodox Quaker family. In his youth, he was an active participant with the Underground Railroad. He first came to…