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Richmond Baking Company

The Richmond Baking Company was established in 1902 by William H. Quigg. It soon occupied the former Hoerner Baker building on South 5th Street. William’s two sons, Eugene and Robert, were also involved in the business. In 1917 the company purchased the land of the former Gaar, Scott & Co., intending to build a new

New Year’s Day Flood

December 31, 2018 was wet and windy from start to finish, producing temporary ponds in backyards and streets, but little serious damage.  That was not the case more than 180 years earlier. The last several days of 1846 saw heavy rain nearly each day, and by New Year’s Day nearly every creek and stream in Indiana

Christmas from Richmond’s Past

This card dates from the late 1920s.  The Cut Rate Shoe Store opened in 1926 and changed its name to Brown-bilt Shoe Store in 1929.  One of its prime features was the separate children’s shoe store in the basement, the Merry-Go-Round Shoe Shop, specializing in Buster Brown shoes.  

Danger Ahead: Rattlesnakes in Wayne County?

During a recent Master Naturalist class at the Cope Environmental Center, respected herpetologist John Iverson of Earlham College was asked about rattlesnakes in Wayne County. Judging from the nodding heads in the room, his reply that there are no poisonous snakes in our county is a well-known fact to those who have lived in our